I am one of those people who have to muddle through the holiday season.  I know I am not alone, many people talk to me about their feelings of the holiday season.  I will try to address my blog to how I get by the season.  With me, everything has to do with color.  After a car accident and bumping my head, I began seeing auras around people.

At first, I had no control over it at all, I would just see auras, now I can see them if I apply myself, but at that time, it is how I saw everyone, body and aura.  At that time I learned how important the color spectrum is for me.  I love art, color and I believe in its therapeutic qualities.  This morning I’m drawn to yellow.  I’m letting my meditation take me to a place where I float in yellow. I immediately feel the yellow in my solar plexus, right below my ribs, I let the light fill it.

I know this is going to help my nerves not to mention everything my solar plexus controls, liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine.  All areas that can have problems during the season of overindulgence.  When feeling a little of the holiday melancholy, bring in the yellow… the sun, lemons, your clothes.

Yellow will bring in joy, logical thinking and promotes good humor.  Oh, I feel like this is a great idea for the holidays.  Concentration seems to be a problem at this time of the year, it can’t help with brainpower, intellectual pursuits and just plain happiness.  Yellow for the holidays……Ha!  Keep your eye on the post for more tips to survive the holidays.  I will need as much help as possible.