Writing on the Wall

It’s a gloomy, rainy day and it evokes feelings that makes me want to cry. Yesterday, a friend I had not seen in about a year came to see me. What she thought she had overcome, is back, her husband once more wanted a divorce. Her deep love has kept them together for almost three years now. I feel her pain and reach out with my heart, and often, afterwards with my tears.

Hard decisions are the worst ones to make. I am a psychic not a professionally trained counsellor, but I am also a woman, who have had men who cheated, have had men who were not clear on what they wanted, and so, regardless of self, we jump through the hoops.

This time is different, he wants her to be more romantic, sexual, and more attentive to him. He also wants her to quit her job; which pays very well, and which she spent some ten months of training to qualify. I know, as I encouraged her to reach out and get these things for herself. Now as I listen, I find myself praying that she becomes stronger and receives the answers she needs to find. Fear holds us back. The unknown is scary.

I pull a card for her and it is the card for strength. I ask her, “Will you quit your job?” She asks, “Should I?” and all the things I want to say float through my mind, but with love I tell her to be strong. The tears now flow, as she knows her relationship is not good for her. Tears are at times a validation. A decision to stand up for yourself, for what you believe in, is creative of a strong self. We have many choices to make in life; sometimes it is hard, but necessary, to choose yourself.