A wormhole is an idea that represents a solution of the Einstein field equations a structure linking separate points in spacetime. A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points leading to a different place in space or time, The idea that wormholes exist is still debated to this day by scientists. There is a new experiment being conducted right now at a plant called CERN.

It is a particle accelerator, the largest ever built. This means it sends particles of energy to move close to the speed of light colliding together. One of the reasons CERN has been in operation is to see if it is possible to open up metaphysical portholes like wormholes or doors to other parts of the universe. Our lives are very much like wormholes. We have the ability to choose our path.

Where we work, who we love and where we live. with each choice, we led to a different destination. Some times the hardest part of it all with all the madness life can bring what is the right destination for me and how can I know what choice will lead me down the tunnel or wormhole of success. This is where being in touch with the spiritual realm can help us all. To hear and see what is to come of our future depending upon the choice we make before it happens can be the one thing that puts us into the tunnel that leads to the point of success.

I some times hear people say they are in a holding pattern and that may very well be true but something divine has them in a holding pattern because the right door needs to presented to the person at the right time. For a relationship to work, it takes two hearts that have been equally prepared and on the same level. They must have chemistry, compatibility, attraction, similar life experiences, values and when all these things come together it is possible for people to enter the same sphere of a wormhole of destiny and arrive at the same location to find love for a lifetime.