This has been an awesome fall and before that a lovely summer here in the NorthWest where I live. I am strongly a spring and summer girl. I love the wet wonderful spring coming brazenly through old man winter. Spring she warms us up and new shoots and flowers take away the ice and old grey snow.

Days begin to get longer and boy do I love the sun breaks. It may be muddy out but the frogs show their faces and their splendid legs hop and swim laying scads of eggs and then tadpoles. Gaia blesses us with love, compassion, birth and rebirth.

As a child, I grew up in sunny L.A., like many children I would come with a bucket to pick up tadpoles and watch them go through many fascinating changes in my aquarium as they sprout legs and their lungs develop while the tales seem to disappear.

The small lake or big pond in Lacanada was across the road from one of my other haunts the Flintridge Riding Academy. There in the spring and later in summer the horse’s coats lose their shagginess and bring forth shiny coats and dapples. In spring the horses would need to be curry brushed in a circular pattern getting off the spring muddiness and all that gosh darn hair. All that brushing stimulates the circulation and helps to make their coats quite glossy.

In November the horses grew their shaggy coats and had to be blanketed at night to keep their coats from becoming even shaggier. The gloss gave way to a warm winter coat. But I digress dear reader. You see I hate to see the garden resting for the winter. I drag myself kicking and screaming into winter.

I am reluctant to let go of days that grow longer instead of shorter dear Gaia. I should be welcoming old man winter embracing and accepting his wisdom. Winter represents a time of death and rebirth-a transitioning into the unknown.

A travelling time where plant medicine may be helpful for some. A time of bone warming fires that bring us indoors. Animals that hibernate are sleeping now. The spirit of winter is a gently falling snow and an icy hail storm. A time where it is easier to connect with loved ones who crossed over.Blessings to each and every one of you who read my blog.

May you enjoy a welcoming winter.