Winning People Over

I have a friend that has now a business worth millions. He told me a story once where he had an employee who was always negative, rude and hard to get along with. I asked, what did you do about the situation? Did you fire him? He said no I won him over. Miscommunications happen all the time in my experience most people want readings into their love life or career. Ultimately we want to have success at what we do so being rude to the boss or management is a good way of being shown the door. Unfortunately in this society because education has been the focus employees are replaceable and if the employee is hard to get along with and is not getting the job done there will be ten other well-educated people ready to take their place.

I asked my friend how did you win him over? He replied; I was frank with him. I told him that his performance is up to the working standards required of you but you have a bad attitude toward me and your other employees. The employee broke down in tears and explained he had been bullied in his previous workplace and since then had carried a chip on his shoulder and did not feel he could trust anyone at work. He also felt that if he was negative he would keep everyone at arm’s length avoiding being bullied in the workplace again.

My friend understood and explained in this company we don’t tolerate bullying and if it happens to let him know and he will deal with. He also asked another crucial question, what are your intentions for working for my business? The man replied; I want to become a manager. My friend said change your attitude. You are a good worker and it will happen in time. From that day forth he never had a problem with that employee his attitude changed and he entered management.

Ultimately we don’t want enemy’s we want to win people over and knowing their intentions if something seems a bit off can really bring clarity and clear the air.