Recently I have been the victim of gossip, something that happens to all of us at one point or another.  Why do people gossip is the first thing I asked myself?  When I look at that, I see persons who are not feeling good about themselves or how they are acting.  I was hurt by this gossip and I know that many of you that I chat with have been as well.  I see gossip, esp. in the workplace as bullying.  It is hurtful, can cause damage and I don’t see it as a good karma builder.

Why try to hurt others with our words?  Why not be the person who tries to find the positive, bolster the person, give them support.  If you are the person that the gossip is about, rise above it.  I know it is hard, I use breathing and distraction myself.  Nature is where I go to heal and gain perspective.

Don’t spread rumours yourself, remember the pain that it can cause another.  Turn the focus rather on the positive.  I choose now to avoid the persons that were spreading the gossip. When dealing with children, with this issue, you must talk to them.  I remember being bullied when I was a child, it can feel overwhelming.  To have a person that stands with you is a very important feeling as a young person.  Please teach your children about the power of words.