Where Ideas Come From

I have come across an Abraham Hicks quote the other day which really touched me. It says: “you are not the thinker of the thought, you are the receiver of it.”

To be honest whenever I get a new creative idea, an inspiration for a new business, or a solution to a problem, I am never totally sure if it comes from me, physical me or from a Higher Intelligence. Is it something that comes to my mind but is born out of my physical experiences, knowledge and desires or is it a divine hint or message from above trying to lead me to a direction I suppose to go to? 

And then I thought about it further. What if it does not matter? It should not matter who you think the source is for the idea. Even if you think of it as something that comes from above, it still comes from you. There is this separation between that divine, infinite intelligence and the you who you think of right now as you, but both are YOU. There is the vibrational and the physical you. The physically focused, flesh and blood you is an extension of the bigger picture, the bigger you, the vibrational you which is the real, original version of you. The one that never dies, your higher self, the source energy. And you, as a part of IT, can communicate with it. You can open up yourself and let those ideas flow to you. You can tune in and receive ideas, inspirations, thoughts, words, pictures, answers to your questions, and whatever you need.


Well, if you are looking to receive creative ideas and you find yourself struggling, if you want to find this connection where inspiration can flow to you, new business ideas can find you, I suggest you do the following:

To find a quiet space at home or even better in nature where you can just focus on your breath, quiet your mind and establish a connection to your higher self. With one word: MEDITATE. You can also listen to a guided meditation with headphones on if you don’t know how to do it by yourself. The creative or business idea will not necessarily come to you during this meditation but if you do this every day, it will open you up, it will make you more receptive or sensitive to inspiration. Give it a try! Do a 15-30 min meditation every day for 2 weeks and see where it takes you.