When Your Family Does not approve of Your Partner

This blog is to all those who are facing issues with their partners due to their families. I have been in a situation where my family has not approved of the person I am with. That has bothered me because I believe I select well the person I am in a relationship with. For me, the reason my family did not approve of my partner was not personal. They did like the person for who he is but they were jealous because of the amount of time spent with him. They felt insecure and that I was pulling away from them.

This is a reason that can be solved. But I have friends who have more difficult issues with their families. There are many parents who refuse te partner of their child just because of families issues or financial differences. This is hard for both lovers because, for them, love is more important. But sometimes families make it difficult for “stupid” reasons.

This can be overcome by communicating with your family and opening up to them. We should tell our families how happy our partner can make us and let them in.   We should love and be loved.  We all deserve the love of our family and our partner. But sometimes we do not get what we want. That is life but we should not stop trying.