What men like

Today’s topic is about what turns men on.   Men are not afraid of saying what they like or dislike. BUT there are things that they do not really say out loud. Things that women can neglect sometimes. These things are very simple and can strengthen any relationship. The triggers can are not only related to appearance but also character: Being on time is very important and men do appreciate it and value that. No one likes to wait for anyone for a long while.

And we well know that women take a long time to get prepared, which is not a really good thing, especially at the beginning. Being yourself is simple, yet a lot of females are unable to do it.

Not because they cannot, but because they are nervous and want everything to be perfect. So do not be like these females, be YOU. This also includes looking natural. There is no need to put on a lot of makeup or acting differently than who you really are. Being independent is one of the most things that attract anyone! No one likes needy people! BE STRONG my dear readers. You won’t regret it. We -women- like to hear compliments most of the time.

It just makes us happy. But we forget that men also need some attention. To compliment from time to time and maybe buying a gift can change their mood. Being a good listener is another thing that turns men on. It is not easy for men to speak so whenever they do, it is important they are with a person who cares and listens well. You have probably heard of the old saying “the only way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. No matter how old it is, it never gets old. Cooking for men is a nice way to let them be into you. Especially if your food is delicious.

Being spontaneous can create a lot of good and funny memories. Men adore this quality in women. Men love it when a woman makes them smile or laugh. It is special for them. We all enjoy being with a fun person with a good sense of humor. Having soft and smooth skin is VERY triggering to men. It feels nice when they long to touch you. Being mysterious is a key move. I can assure this from personal experience, whenever I get mysterious and not answer every question with details; men go crazy and become eager to know more. This gives them a reason to see you more and they will want to talk to you.