What Being in Love Means

When you feel in love it is basically being in alignment with your Higher Self, looking at that another person and the whole world through the eye of your Higher Self or Inner being. That is why everything looks and feels perfect and you feel like you are being in a totally different Universe that is separate from the physical reality around you. Besides, negative things do not affect you the same way as before and you look at everything through this glittery, magical filter.

Basically, you are using another person to find your center, to align with your true self. In other words, you are making that person as the object of your attention and through that you find true alignment.

 Now “is there anything wrong with that,” you may ask.

Hell yeah, because it makes you and your position depend on that person. Thus, if s/he does or says something that you may not like it will instantly throw you off of your balance and get you out of alignment, because your alignment was depending on this other person in the first place.

And trust me, everyone will say or do something eventually that will not please you. Remember that everyone has flaws, a dark side, some craziness, and some baggage. As soon as that gets revealed, you are messed up, because your whole vibrational position to yourself was depending on how this person was behaving or treating you.

I experienced this million times and it finally made me realize that now this is something that I have to do something about because this is the thing that makes me feel vulnerable. It also makes me want to run at times and makes me even feel depressed at certain occasions.

What if I found my alignment without dragging anyone else into the picture?

What if I could get centered in a way that was unshakable and undestroyable and just stable?

Now that would be pretty powerful.

Basically, I need to fall in love with myself! And so do you!

That would not only contribute to your emotional stability and the kind of vibe and energy you could emit but it would also influence the kind of people and experiences that you could attract to yourself. That would also have the potential to bring the right kind of partner to your reality.