What a Psychic shouldn’t say

I have had numerous clients throughout the years ask me about things they have heard from other psychics. I want to address what a Psychic should never say to a client. A Psychic Reading should provide you with guidance, comfort and peace of mind. Never harm or leave you feeling afraid or helpless.

First of all, there is no such thing as a curse. That is an old wives tale and a psychic should never ever elude to that and if they do, do not continue any further with the session. End it quick! A Psychic should never diagnose a medical condition, we are not doctors. So many clients over the years have asked about different issues they have had and it’s always best to check with your physician as they are the ones trained and know you better than anyone medically.

A psychic should always look out for your best interest and never say you need a spell to cure something or make something happen.  Also, be aware when a psychic asks you to buy something. I have heard stories of readers telling their clients that they need a special candle or talisman to rid them of a curse. You are precious and we are here to help and see you on a path that is positive and healthy.