Walk with Nature

When I get overwhelmed from a long day of reading and energy work, there is nothing quite like taking a walk or drive through nature scenery. Nature’s energy in itself is a peaceful and stress relieving vibration, always ready to relieve tension and cure stresses. The vibrational frequency of Nature is extremely unique and creates physical effects on our body and soul. It heals and restores, sharpens instincts and senses, and cures ailments created from living in areas that are high population and high in negative energy.

Trees themselves soak up sound pollution among many others, and create a cushion for you against the outer harsh world, and provide a deep sense of peace and protection. Even taking a drive in your car and imagining leaving a trail of all the energy that is negative in you behind helps clear yourself, and most people find themselves buying house plants or listening to nature meditation music when their energy runs too negative.

Seeking nature is a natural response for anyone trying to find peace within themselves, as trees are so peaceful they can live a thousand years without ever being worn down by the negative energies of the world. I always recommend nature walks or being as close as you can to nature when seeking enlightenment because within Nature we find our true selves.