Vulture Spirit Animal

Today as I walked, I spotted a couple of vultures working together to find food.  As I watched I began to wonder what messages were being shown and wondered would it be like to have a vulture as a spirit animal.  Oddly enough they appeared beautiful against the sea.  As I meditated on it I found them to be beautiful indeed.  Communication, cooperation and friendliness.  The pair seemed to work seamlessly together.

What a powerful energy, soaring on the wind just above the surf.  I could see the message to soar above the worry and use your power wisely.  The soaring in the wind seemed easy, majestic.  There was a sense of patience that was exhibited as they felt the food source becoming available.  They waited… with a reward at the end.  By the time I finished watching the birds, I had a new respect and an admiration for them.  A loyal, teamworking animal with the ability to soar above the land.

The wingspan was amazing, the feathers beautiful and by the end of the meditation, I even found the redhead – royal like a rooster with his crown.  When I returned home I looked up the vulture to find its scientific name Cathartes which means Golden Purifier.