I have to ask myself mostly if other people hear audible voices behind them at times.  I have heard them my entire life and thought I was going crazy, even as a child.  I would think that I hear my mother calling my name, but that is all I would hear is just my name.  I never mentioned it to anyone then one day at age 17, I as my mother if she had called out for me from her bedroom and she answered “No’.  She finally asked me why would I ask her that and I told her I hear a woman’s voice calling my name.  She started giggling and said that is spirits trying to talk to you.

I got kind of freaked out over that, but she told me that its nothing to be afraid of that all I needed to do if I wanted to listen to what they had to say, is just go to a quiet room and listen.  They would tell me what they wanted to say to me. So I tried it and sure enough, it was my maternal grandmother. She told me that she left a ring for me with my mother when she died and that she wanted me to have it but not till I was 21 and to take good care of it.

My mother was not surprised that I found out about that ring. She went to her jewellery box and pulled out the ring. I had never seen this ring before but she said it was mine when I turned 21. I pass this message on to you because if you are one of those people that hear voices that aren’t there then just sit quietly and listen. It is a loved one trying to communicate with you from the other side. They don’t want to scare you just talk to you.

What ever the message is, don’t doubt its validity, however, investigate its validity.  They are messages of love just to let you know they are there.