Most people hear the word vision and they think of some kind of experience where a person sees with natural eyes a series of events about a person’s life that unfolds like a movie. This is a type of vision I have had a few times but I have found them to be very rare. The most common type of vision is not seen with natural eyes it is seen with the third eye, the eyes in your mind.

The most common type of vision in my experience takes place in your imagination. For example, maybe you can remember back to your childhood and you had a great day in the city with your mom. You can remember what the high rise buildings looked like, the sound of the traffic, the people busily walking about the streets and the comfort of your mom’s hand holding yours as you walked around the streets. This is remembering, you can imagine what it would be like to be back there again. The difference between this and a vision is that you’re not imagining depending upon your spiritual belife’s. I will just say my spirit guide puts an image or series of images in my imagination about a person’s situation.

You have to be still and concentrate to get the vision and you only get better at it with practice. It’s a powerful tool for not just a psychic but any person having the ability to see the future, the past, and present about someone else or even your self in a vision.

Have you ever been watching TV and you just can’t stop thinking about a friend and you an urge to call them on the phone in your mind? You picture their face and then you try to ignore these thoughts but they just won’t go away. Someone is trying to get your attention. This is the simplest kind of vision but the easiest to miss because it can be subtle. I personally believe this has been placed inside every human being. Some may be more gifted, or more proficient at it. Have you ever heard the term “I just a had a feeling in my gut”? This is a different type of spiritual experience but it can help you to make the right choice when there are many choices before you. Don’t discount the spiritual or metaphysical it is there to help us find our path, our career, lover and friends.