Variety truly is the spice of life

I truly believe in finding joy in your life, wherever and whatever that may be.  Yet how does one know what brings true meaning and fulfilment into their life unless they try expanding the horizons in a variety of ways?  Life is about growth, not stagnation, and it is important to push barriers, to explore and get outside of your comfort zone.

Whilst rebalancing and regrouping is also helpful, I’m a great believer in trying new things, and letting go of that which fails to bear fruit.  This continual process of refining and developing oneself takes you on a journey of self-discovery.  The more you care for yourself, love and understand what makes you tick, the more you are able to give back to those around you and to society.   The things that currently bring me joy, and not what moved me 10 years ago, or even one year ago.

Right now my focus is on my family, writing books, and spending time with my new puppy.  He is bringing so much joy and happiness into my life, it’s helping me radiate positivity in other areas, not to mention pushing back the darkness that seeks to creep in at times.  We live in a society where it is easy to become overwhelmed by the world around us.

This is why it’s important to be mindful of finding your joy, of developing yourself, in order to build a strong personal flat platform of resilience and fortitude.   Where do you find joy in your life?  What truly moves you to become the best version of yourself? Leave me a comment, as I’d love to know.