Unhealthy Relationships

It is a time where we are seeing a lot of shifting on the planet, a lot of shedding of what no longer serves us, and letting go. This often involves letting go of unhealthy relationships and people who are in our lives. 

It is a very challenging, and emotional thing to recognize a relationhsip is toxic and is not healthy in you’re life anymore. As we evolve and grow, in harmony with our earth our frequency and energy also changes. In turn it is a natural process to purge lower densities of people and relationships that are a lower vibration.

I want to express and reassure you that it is completely normal and ok to let these relatiosnhips go, understanding that people come into your’e life for a reason, a season, and some a lifetime . Making space for new healthy people who are in allignment and a vibrational match for you is very beneficial .

It is wise to remmeber that every relationship has a purpose and a lesson, even if its hard to undertsand why we would put oursleves through heartache and abuse to overcome these life lessons, but they do help us to grow ad evolve as a soul. 

Thank the person, and experience for what it has shown you, the time you spent together, and the beautiful lessons you have learned. Dont stay a victim thinking you need to stay in these unhealthy partnerships  for any reason, you have a choice, and you can take youre power back.

This is a time of expanding love and so much energy coming through our planet Gaia. There is no longer room for unhealthy, toxic relationships in our life. This is a time of empowerment and love.