Twin Flames

The idea of Twin Flames has become very popular. The definition of “Twin Flames” is one of the ideal relationships. I believe one reason for this increasing interest is that people are tired of relationships that don’t work out.

These relationships that don’t work out are often called “karmic relationships,” because they exist to help us resolve our issues, but don’t end up being the lifelong commitment we hoped for. The idea of a Twin Flame is that they are an aspect of one’s own soul in another body – essentially all the “missing pieces” of you, returning to you in another form. Twin Flames are said to have an intense, magnetic attraction to each other, and to feel completely fulfilled in their connection.

I know a few people who believe they have met their Twin Flame. The larger percentage of them, however, wound up breaking up with their so-called Twin. What does that mean then? Does it mean they were wrong about each other? Perhaps. I believe that nobody is a “perfect” match. We are all human. There are people who have a continuous yearning for this magical relationship, but who could live up to this ideal, every day?

Perhaps it’s unrealistic to hold out for a perfect ideal. I believe what we are really looking for is simply a relationship that is based in real love, respect and attraction – call it what you like, but underneath it all, we just want to be happy. And nothing in life is ever perfect. We attract the people into our lives that we need to help us understand ourselves better. There’s no knowing the outcome, so let’s enjoy the journey.