Trusting your Intuition

I would like to highlight the importance of trusting your intuition by telling you about an event that happened to me about 25 years ago. I was going out with my boyfriend one afternoon, and we went to a recreational area that had a large train bridge that spanned over a ravine. It looked old, rickety, and disused, and my then boyfriend (now ex!) assured me that it had not been used for years. He wanted us both to go on the train tracks and cross the ravine. There was an enclosed metal walkway underneath for workmen only to access and safely cross the ravine. I mentioned this safer alternative to my boyfriend, and he assured me once again, that there was no need to take then enclosed area, as the trail train tracks were safe to walk on, as the rail line was disused, and had been for years.

So we both started out on the tracks, and after about 40 feet I felt very uneasy in the pit of my stomach, and I just shook my head and said no, I’m going back and I’m going to walk across using the workmen’s access. My boyfriend hesitated as he had to decide whether to continue on alone, on top of the train tracks, or to accompany me, and take the workmen access. He did, in the end, come back with me, and we both made our way into this enclosed area which was beneath the rail line. We had only set out another 40 or 50 feet when an almighty rumble took place, and a train went overhead. This access that we chose underneath, was not even meant for public use and shook violently while the train roared overhead a few feet from our heads.

I grabbed hold of a steel girder and hung on for dear life for a good five minutes as the freight train continued to rock and sway the bridge, and then a roar with a clash of metal on metal. The noise was intense, as was the shaking of the bridge. We both just looked at each other, as we realized had we continued on overhead, we both would have been run over. I let this memory slip into the past, but did bring it up to my family at times to highlight the importance of trusting your intuition even in the face of peer pressure.

A couple of years ago there was a news item on the television about a tragic incident that occurred on the same bridge. A group of people had set out on the rail line believing that it was disused, and three of the group were unsure about this and decided to go back and use the workmen’s access underneath. One member of the group continued on above adamant that the rail line was unused. A train came along, and that young man, unfortunately, lost his life. The news article stated that many locals believed this train line to be disused, as it was only used several times a year for freight. This tragedy highlighted how close I had come that day many years ago, and how important trusting your intuition is, as it was surely what had saved this man’s other friends on that day. Your intuition is there to keep you safe, but you need to heed its call in order to obtain the full benefit of this extra sense.