Trouble Sleeping?

Are you having trouble sleeping or find the quality of your dreams less desirable than you would like?  In my personal experience, I have come to see that the more attention I take to clear the day before I sleep the better quality of sleep and relaxation I feel entering the dream state and the better I feel waking up the next morning. So I urge you to try just as an experiment for yourself. Turn off the TV, take some time to unwind before crawling into bed.

Here are a couple of practices to try that I have found very useful: Cutting Cords – When you are getting ready for bed take a few moments to remove the energetic links you have created during the day.

Visualise cutting this energetic cord at your solar plexus. Before you go to sleep, visualize cutting any cords that connect you to people you have interacted within the day. Using your dominant hand, make a karate chop motion with the intention of severing all unwanted energetic connections.

Deep Breathing-As you are drifting off to sleep take several slow deep breaths and like you are watching a movie quickly run through all you have done that day.  Most often you will fall asleep before you run through the whole day, but that ok. From the moment you woke up to the moment you started this clearing. On the in-breath breathe in joy and on the out-breath letting on of anything you are still holding onto.