TIme, is the Great Healer of all things, in time, past wrongs become things that make us stronger, past hurts become lessons to make us wiser, past pains become our new strengths. We look to future times and plan for things we wish to obtain, and the people we wish to become, yet, Time is honest and tells us who and where we really are and offers us the opportunity to change.

In Time, we learn to let go and begin to heal, even as everything in the present seems so devastatingly chaotic in its moment, it is in Time that we see the truths behind and beyond the situations on the surface that once angered us, that once controlled our psyche. With time all wounds heal even though they leave their own scars behind, and yet,  the scars do not make us ugly rather, they are the beauty marks of realism, of realization; the addition of another perfectly imperfect petal on our ever-blooming flower that is our hearts.

When something is worth having, time and patience, perseverance and determination and a conscience image of our selves and our desires allow Time to assist us in achieving all we deserve. The past may leave deep bruises, and the present may set our fires to burn in both desire and despair, but Time is the great healer and will guide our hearts, spirits, bodies, and minds toward tomorrows closure and allow a new chapter to begin!