Three Steps to be Stable in Miss Rona

Hey sweeties. How are you? I hope that you are healthy and ok!!

Corona, aka Miss Rona, has not only made the world turn upside down, but also affected people’s mental health. The lockdown, quarantine, measurements, isolation, injection and masks have caused some turbulence within people’s psyche.

These are three things to help you be stable.  

1- Be hygienic in a reasonable way. In other words, do not obsess over it. It is important to follow the health measurements that are required by the world health organization. But don’t put things on hold. Don’t be scared to the point that you don’t do anything. You need to adapt to what is happening and to be careful.

2- Be realistically optimistic.  Don’t be a “moronavirus.” In other words, don’t be irrational. Try to not neglect the situation. Try to maintain a vibe that helps you to get through and that helps people around you. When you see “coronidiocy” around you, try to advise others. What is important is to not catch the virus as well as to not transmit it.

3- To keep in touch with close people. Just because large gatherings are banned, does not mean there is no communication. Technology helps you to be close with people and to maintain communication. What is different is the way that people communicate. But that does not have to demolish interactions.

I hope things are going to become better and that the normal will rerun as soon as possible so that people can regain the physical touch that they need.


Take care please