The Whole Truth and Nothing but Lies

There is a major epidemic of lying going on in the USA and other countries these days. It’s political, rather than personal lying and consists of an amazing number of elected officials with really bad memories. They can’t remember if they had a meeting with members of the KGB for two hours and the guys only wanted to talk about selling some “real dirt” about the other candidate in return for getting some perk or other from the USA government?

This is bad enough but now we have a whole slew of men who have assaulted, raped, molested or otherwise humiliated females in their employ and most of them, at first, said they can’t remember ever doing that. Lies hurt. Even those little white lies. You know the ones where your lover or spouse says to you, “Honey does this outfit make me look fat?”

To avoid the inevitable insult and hurt feelings, you would probably say, “No, it doesn’t” even if it made him or her look like a beached whale. So skip the lie and tell your loved one that the outfit is the wrong color or style. No one hurt, no lie told. When it comes to romance, there is no end of opportunities to lie.

The most frequent lies in romance are told to someone the liar wants to date: “No, I’m not married.” or “We are in the process of divorcing.”  For a woman who is falling for a man who wants to fast track to the bedroom,  “I have had a vasectomy so we don’t need protection.”

One of my clients went out with a man who told that whopper. Fortunately, she insisted on protection to prevent an STD and avoided both the disease and having a pregnancy when they got into an argument about the situation and she kicked him to the curb. She later found out that he never had a vasectomy. This is why I am always advising clients to get to know someone really thoroughly before heading for the bedroom. The last category is employment lies. We have probably all heard news reports of people passing themselves off as licensed lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountants, and so on who are not licensed at all and never even went past eighth grade.

The scam is exposed due to some other situation that warrants investigation of the unlicensed person and it usually ends in jail time.No matter who you fall in love with or want to date, where you want to work or what political office you want to hold, lying is just not the way to accomplish anything but getting all tangled up in a complicated situation with no happy ending. You will lose the most important thing in a relationship, whether it’s for a job or for romance and that is TRUST. So just don’t do it. And watch out for it if you feel you might be on the receiving end.