The Power of Hope & Faith

Hello again my beloved readers, I wanted to tell you a bit more about two important weapons that we bare in the face of all life obstacles and challenges;

Hope & Faith While some of you could be wondering right now and saying “that’s an illusion”, “false hopes that will crash you down with time”…

Well, allow me to tell you that we can be both realistic and at the same time have hope and faith in a better life, in a change, in a dream coming true or in achieving some life goals whether personal or professional … The Hope & faith that I’m talking about does not mean that we should have blind faith that all is going to be ok and that all will be solved. It is rather the belief of knowing there are more options and solutions than the ones we see.

That there is a way to overcome a certain challenge even we don’t see it clearly. It is the embrace of the unknown as anything can happen and change the game even on the last minute. If you walk into a challenge thinking It is a lost fight then it is going to be a lost one indeed because you will not allow yourself to see beyond loss and defeat. While when you be determined, have faith that you will try your best to do it and that there is a solution to change the situation. You have to believe in your ability to obtain the life and future that you want to get there.

You will find yourself fighting for your dreams to come true, not giving up no matter what happens. So why deprive yourself of such an amazing gift, allow yourself to have hope and faith, allow yourself to reach your potential. I hope you enjoyed this topic;

I would love to hear your stories about Hope & Faith.