The Power of a Group

Many times when we need help, an answer or just a friend, the group experience maybe what we need. Looking at the group of like individuals could be a solution to a problem, a way to make a friend or a healing experience.

For two years of my life, I spent doing group hypnosis with a group of 6 other psychics and empaths. It was a life-changing experience, a miraculous experience. I realized the importance of group energy and how it could be used. I have always tranced, have been taught to self hypnotize and have worked with hypnosis in meditation. The group hypnosis affected me in another way, deep into the subconscious and into the subconscious of others.

When we met with the group, we would trance and talk about whatever came to our minds during the hypnosis, and that ended up being therapeutic. Dreams often came up and what a beautiful way to connect and figure out what we were trying to tell ourselves. Not to mention the energy that we put into each other’s wants, loves and troubles. It was the self-awareness that came from the meetings that were astounding.

The connection, the compassion and the shared energy made life-changing events happen. What power a group can have, love can be shared, grief can be expelled, the past can be let go and even past lives can be realized. I touched the minds and souls of the people in the group, it changed the way I viewed others. I recommend group therapy, group meditations and group hypnosis, I know that it will add to your life experience.

Give it a whirl…….