The Otherside of Fear – Part 2

If you remember in my last article on fear, I expressed that many of our fears stem from our childhood and upbringing, however, we often bury these feelings and avoid facing them and their origins. This leads to the fact that they end up haunting us right into adulthood. Why is that you may be asking yourself? Well, it’s because the child who carried his or her feelings into adulthood still has this fearful child inside them. This is what you would call the “Inner Child.”

These are the parts of us that for some reason had to retreat from the world because they didn’t feel safe to express their feeling fully for very valid reasons-fear, misunderstanding, neglect etc. As adults in order to understand and face our fears, we must invite our lost and scared inner child back into our lives. I have to note here that in order to do this one first must be aware and ready to hold space for an inner child that may be very pissed off or distressed. When I first called in my inner child I cried, what felt like endless tears on and off for several weeks.

They did eventually stop. But looking back I have realized those were tears that I held back as a child but stayed in me waiting for the moment when it was safe to be expressed. Once we open up and listen to our inner child your fears will become less and less we can face our lives from the place of clarity and understanding. Living our lives fearlessly. I will share in my next article, how to contact and start working towards opening up your connection “inner child.”