The Love of Blue

Whenever I work in trance or self-hypnosis I always use blue light.  I love blue auras, blue light, well just about anything blue.  I find blue to be the most soothing, powerful light for me.  Blue corresponds to the throat chakra, which has to do with communication and self-expression. The thyroid, throat and lungs all fall under the throat chakra.  Keeping it clear is important to communication.

I find that with blue I can centre and find what I need to say.  I use blue in my art, photography and crafts.  I find it opens me up even more in my creativity to have blue around me. I see with people who prefer blue, there seems to be soothing dreams, and they seem to have a calm and practical side.  I find people who love blue to be loyal and faithful.  When I see a blue aura, I instantly feel comfortable and lose any fears.  I see people with blue auras to be powerful, big communicators and they are always there to help.

If you have a blue aura others probably look to you for advice or help.  They are the peacemakers, the lovers and the intuitive.  If you have a blue aura, it carries many wonderful traits, but remember to take a break.  These people can be overachievers, carry help too far and have a hard time saying no.

Be careful not to take on too much. Color can be healing, it can carry you to another place, even adjusting the mood.  Be smart when picking out colors to wear, decorate with and in your workplace.  It can make a huge difference.

What is your favorite color?

Do you know the color of your aura??