The Importance of Love

“Let all that you do be done in love.” Corinthians 16:14 That quote is particularly important to me, especially as a lightworker and I find myself in situations where I can be drained from a long day of energy work or just get done with a particularly stressful reading. I always make sure to keep myself charged with positive light and unconditional loving energy for my clients, and I try to spread this way of thinking as much as I possibly can.

To love everyone and everything is very liberating, and my experience is that spreading love no matter how small pushes this world along to a much brighter future. One way I get myself into this mindset is by stilling my mind and imagining a loving white light surrounding me and washing away any emotion that is less than love, and being able to spread this light to others that I meet along the journey of life. This, and inviting Spirit into your life to bring love and good omens is what keeps my aura clean and continues the outpouring of love into the world.

Some students I teach this to have trouble visualizing this light and love in their life, and that is completely okay to struggle with this level of high vibration.

I also recommend many physical objects and affirmations these students can use to help raise their levels of love and light. These objects include Rose Quartz, Calcite, Quartz, Lavender and Rosemary incense, meditating on the Heart Chakra, or the affirmation “I will Love because I can.”.

However, to love others unconditionally it is always necessary to love yourself first and to treasure everything that you are and all that you have. Standing in the mirror once a day and listing off things that you like about yourself, and knowing you have the power to change anything and everything you want. Love is important in your day to day life because it is so contagious, and always comes back around to gift you for showing such care to others and yourself.