The Beauty and Magic of the Moon

I have been having an obsession with the moon as of late.  This is just one of many photos that I have been taking of the moon in the last couple of weeks.  I have been working on a reading and the moon with not leave my mind.  I see, photograph and now have started to study the Moon.  When I get the photos I am taken by the details, the craters, color changes and different phases of the moon. When I do readings and I see the Moon, I look at the cards around it for hints at what might be going on.  When I see the cards it forms a story for me.

The Moon can bring on shadowy feelings, sometimes is can be a dark reality.  Usually, it is a feeling that there is a basic value that is being challenged and a different path that can be taken.  In this instance, my obsession is because I need to interpret the symbolism.

I meditated on it, I have read and I know the Moon is a symbol but what does it mean?  When I reach to my feelings while I’m photographing I realize that the person I’m reading for is leaving a period of darkness.  A period of sadness and a past that needs to be left behind.  With leaving the past behind, the fear, illusion and confusion will be left behind.  What comes from this is experience, gained in the past, is it brings wisdom, a knowledge that will be used in the upcoming metamorphosis.  It is a coming out of the darkness and into the light.

What seemed unreachable is now within reach.  All along it is the symbol, that she is in the transition, becoming the butterfly that she desires but fears.  The Moon is Magic and go with the flow, let it happen.  It may be frightening but it is the happiness that has been so desired.  Trust, use what you have learned and go forth with confidence. Dance in the light of the Moon!