Every year, on October 30, I am very happy and have tears in my eyes at the same time. It is my birthday. I am happy, because it is time for a celebration, a party, meeting with friends, eating delicious food and drinking champagne. Oh, yes! It is a day for beautiful flowers and gifts.

Why this day is sad? It is not because I am one year older. I am proud of my age, and it is great to be older. If you love yourself enough, think positively, keep your mind busy with something amazing and spiritual, eat the right food, and live a healthy lifestyle, you are young: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I cry because my father, who was my best friend, was born on the same day. Now he enjoys his life in the Heavens. It was really fun to celebrate, exchange gifts, and congratulate each other simultaneously.

My birthday was last Monday. When I was looking at my dad’s picture and wiping away my tears, unexpectedly I got a congratulations card from our dear Jayson. To my amusement, we share the same interest. To my surprise, I got the “Birthday” song by the Beatles, who is both of our most favourite group and the best rock band ever: at least in our eyes.

Instantly, I felt great relief. All my tears dried right away. I became incredibly joyful and happy. I love the Beatles’ music from my younger years. Their songs always make me feel much better. When I am upset, hurt, irritated, even angry – I turn on “Let it be”, that is my medicine.

“Come together”, “Yesterday”, “I want to hold your hand’, or “Penny Lane” are my beloved songs. Follow my example: If you are happy, feel wonderful or just want to relax, then turn on music that is spiritual, soulful, classical and/or romantic. However, when you are unbalanced, in melancholy or depressed, if you feel upset, hurt or in pain, if you worry about something, nervous or it is too hard to wait for any news – turn on your favourite music. In such kinds of mood, you need just optimistic emotions. That is why it is best if you choose positive songs that will put a smile on your face, balancing and fill you with wonderful energy. Sing aloud. Dance it out. Make yourself happy, heal and balance yourself. Nevertheless, no matter what singer you prefer, what group you love, I recommend you to enjoy the Beatles’ songs, especially when you need balancing yourself very fast.

Regardless of how old you are, where you live, and what music you like to listen, their music will definitely heal your soul. The Beatles are always on top. Be happy, smile more, and enjoy every single minute of your day. Life is so beautiful!