The Art of Manifestation

I must admit I am fascinated by the art of manifestation.  I see intentions that I set manifested around me, often in ways I don’t expect, which only compounds the magic of this energy.  It happens to such a degree that I do believe it is more than coincidence. Fortuitous energy is there for those to harness and shapes this flow of cosmic potential, into a design of their own will and intention.  It is important to structure and set an intention of what you wish to achieve.  Plans can be designed with your trusted psychic, by keeping a journal, or by prayer and meditation.

I do like to write down what I hope to achieve, but the other side of this energy is that it is as important to let go of the intention, to release it to the universe.  Completely put it out of your thoughts, and go on with other projects, and wait and see what magic occurs in your life.  This year I have manifested an incredible dog,  savings on my grocery bills and utilities, and most importantly; peace of mind.

It’s not just about the money though; it’s about knowing that you will be cared for by the universe if you have faith in the outcome.  This phrase helps me build a core reservoir of fortitude that stabilizes and grounds my energy, as I move forward in life.  What have you manifested in your world recently?