Texting in Relationships

Why do we allow texting to define our relationships? In this day and age when social media and phones are so popular, people are finding it easier to just type their feelings rather than talk. Texting can be an asset in some regards to your relationship, but it has a more negative impact as a whole.

Texting should never be used as the sole communication between two people. Having an emotional connection comes from talking and hearing the other person speak. Texting is great for what I call “sweet somethings” and that means letting someone on the other end know you love them, that you are thinking about them, or just to wish them a great day.

When we start to add texting as a way of communication in our relationships it enables us to receive sometimes the right attitude that the other person is trying to convey through a text. So many people will read into something and put their own negative spin on how they think it was said.

So many misunderstandings come from not communicating on the phone or in person. Texting is a negative way to communicate during arguments especially. Texting is causing people to be strong on text and say things that normally they would never consider to say in person. This makes for some really hurt feelings.

Texting as a way to ask someone out is a total loss of chivalry. While it is easier to do it this way for many insecure men or women, it is also a very lazy way to start a relationship. Texting is used too much as a crutch and not as a tool to enhance a relationship. If you are solely having a texting relationship, and there has been no other communication I would strongly suggest you end that.

Getting to know someone personally and in person is so much more important than words typed in a phone. Like alcohol can be a form of liquid courage, texting is a form of masqueraded courage. Hiding behind a phone to avoid the bigger picture. Liking someone is about moving mountains to get to know them personally. So if you are going to text, do it to say something encouraging or loving. While there may be times you need for emergency or person cannot talk because of circumstances they are in, that is something different, but texting as a whole should be used to enhance a relationship and not to dictate the relationship.