Tarot for Pets

While dog sitting, Molly and I had a little spare time for a tarot card reading.  I often will do readings for the dogs that I sit for.  I began communicating with animals at a very young age, it began with the family dogs.  I have always been able to tap into animals, I love them and they seem to love me.

If on our chats you would like to ask about your animals, I welcome it.  I do mini readings for pets all the time, I enjoy it, it is fun for me.  Molly got the 9 of coins, 6 of staffs and Knight of Staffs. Molly, many of your dreams will come true in the near future. I see new balls, walks, kisses and your favourite, belly scratching.

I see that there are achievements and lessons learned. This reading tells me you love movement Molly and I know that is true. Here’s to love and to dog sitting.