Tarot & Egyptian Stone Reading

I pulled a mini reading with a combination of tarot and my ancient Egyptian stones. The reading consisted of: Ace of Staffs, Ace of Swords, Knight of Swords with Bastet:  The Cat Goddess Cleansings – Purify – Let go – New Start Bastet is telling us to let go of what holds us back as this is a time of new beginnings.  What a great time, to start something new….

Want to get pregnant, don’t waste time, the moment is now.  Want to go into business, well yahoo, because this is the time to get started.  What not to do: fear, avoid or hide.  What to do: Trust, move forward and keep the positive energy flowing.  Take the leap, pursue your dreams, take the risk and feel the success.

If you are looking for love, you will move forward the minute you let go.  Let go, leap in and reap the successes.  As you go into your new beginnings Bastet tells me to remind you that the pace of life might seem overwhelming or moving into the unknown may make you feel unsettled.  Take yourself out of your routine, take the time for a walk, a meditation or a massage.  Sometimes a change in the air will change the mood.  Your sense of smell is important in the move forward.

We often don’t realize how much you smell affects you.  It can bring back memories, calm or it can help cleanse you.  Bastet tells us the gentle cleanse will make the transition easier.  A little lemon in your water is a great start.  Cleanse and make a new start from the inside out.  I recommend essential oils on your new journey and I think a fresh citrus smell will set you off in your new direction with positive energy and feeling. Love – Light – Laughter