Tarot Card Justice

Today in my readings the card Justice kept showing its face.  It made me think about the card and what it means to me.  When I pull the Justice card, my thoughts go right to Karma.  I approach life with the idea that the higher power, the divine provides justice to us through Karma.  There is a cause and effect for everything.  When reading for people, I see things like you can’t escape your own actions, there is a need to balance your needs and desires, and accept what you have created. A reminder to use your inner knowledge and know that the results depend on your actions.  Fairness and doing the right thing should play a part in your decisions.  Moderation of everything, be honest and admit the truth, especially to yourself.   

A large part of Justice is how we react to what we have done.  It is our own actions that can determine what is going to happen.  This card is a reminder that what we do causes a response or an action, we must take responsibility for these decisions.  When you see this card, admit what is going on, except responsibility and if you have injured another, apologize and make it right.  If you are in a legal issue, remember the best way to come out on top, is to do what is considered the right thing.  If you continue to push the responsibility onto someone else, the karma will never be aligned.  The biggest thing to keep in mind as we go through life is you will get back what you put out.  Be prepared to deal with what you put out there.