Stepping outside your Comfort Zone

While regaining equilibrium and restoring unbalanced energy is a positive thing, it’s also important not to stay comfortable for too long.  Growth does not occur in the comfort zone, you need to push boundaries, and go outside of what you thought was possible in your life.  It is exciting and often leads you in directions that were previously hidden.

It can be confronting,  exhilarating, and inspiring to achieve new levels of potential.  So it is a good idea to stabilize yourself as you achieve your goals.  This is where ebb and flow comes in.  By pacing yourself you are able to continually grow and learn, whilst not burning out.

Life is an endurance race, and the more you work on your inner streams of resilience and fortitude, the more you find yourself able to climb higher summits of achievement.  Never say “I can’t do this”, as there is always a possibility that you can achieve unlimited goals in life.  Always reach for the stars, and by setting your sights high, you will never fail, as you will always achieve wonderful things in life.

Some things I have done out of my comfort zone this year include:

Night walking,  Extended fasting,  and the latest exciting endeavour, re-homing a dog that wasn’t working out for his current family.  It’s going to be scary when you explore your boundaries, but when you understand these feelings are normal, you can push through them, and reach the other side. How have you pushed your boundaries, what have you achieved? Leave me a comment and let me know.