Stealing Energy?

In speaking to people and in my readings, I hear many stories, that make me realize how many people are stealing energy without knowing they are doing it.  When we get tired, depleted or even depressed, it can lead us to steal another person’s energy.  I see this happening in several ways, maybe you will recognize yourself in one of these vampire-like traits.   Some people steal energy by acting hurt or applying guilt to get energy.  You may find yourself trying to hold another persons attention by the poor me syndrome.  This will suck the energy right out of the next guy.

Before you do this, just try to sit back and think about what you really might need.  Perhaps just some talk, a walk or hugging this person might be a better way to get your energy increased. Bulling or intimidation is another way of stealing energy.  I hear this often in both workplaces and in love relationships.  When the power and balance are out of whack in a relationship, you will see this type of energy stealing.  If you are stealing in this way, beware of negative energy that you may pull your way.

Criticizing, judging people and even monopolizing a conversation can lead to energy stealing.  Remember that conversations are two-way streets that include listening too.  Realize it is better to show love and hare your energy.  Be kind to the next person, it will take you further in the long run.    Instead of using these vampire style methods, pull your energy in a more positive way.  Take a walk in nature, find a hobby that you love or just spread happiness and love.

It will improve your social interactions and relationships.  Quit stealing energy and your communications will get real!