Starseeds – Physical Characteristics

Hey lovely readers! I hope you are doing well! As promised in the previous article about StarSeedS, this time I will talk about the physical characteristics of these special creatures. 

They have a special charm and capturing beauty. Having blond hair, or hair (of any color) but with a reddish tint is a common physical trait found among starseeds. The eyes of a starseed can be in any colour and can often be large and bright or have a unique spark to them. As a child, this can be even more intense.   They have lower body temperature compared to the average people. They are sensitive to extreme hot or cold.   They are sensitive towards electricity, light, sounds and odours.   They usually have neck pain and swollen joints.  But they have a high tolerance for pain (or sometimes the extreme opposite).

Even if weak in appearance starseeds can behave much physical strength and even an inner strength when needed.   They tend to experience a life-threatening incident or illness and yet have survived. The majority of these creatures are women.     I hope you all enjoyed reading these traits. The next article will be about the personality traits of StarSeedS.