Spring Fever

Spring and Summer are definitely my favourite seasons. Gaia reminds us of her love of life with baby bunnies and fluffy ducklings. In the wetlands, eggs turn to tadpoles and then to frogs croaking in unison as dragonflies fly above reminding us of our primordial beginnings. There is a celebration, in the springtime, of birth and rebirth and the awesome beauty of creation. Signs of new life are all around us.

The dark short days of winter fade away not to be seen for another year. The mares graze on the bounty of spring grass, some are heavy with foal while others gaze at their colts and fillies with watchful eyes. Birdsong can be heard in the country in all its glory reminding us we are not the only ones that sing. To children, the days stretch out seemingly forever and teachers will tell you that daydreaming is most prevalent in the spring. As lovely a season as spring does not come without some sacrifice, this is the season of birth, the connection of mother and child. Mother’s Day comes in Spring as does Easter.

Spring is well known for its wild weather, sun, rain, wind and even hail. Everything that was drab and brown has changed to a raucous shade of green.  Spring fever takes the country by storm and college students set out for leisure destinations. Bachus is the god of spring and beware of his folly. Too much drinking compromises the sensibilities and may result in heartache and embarrassment. Spring is the time when gardens come alive and grow quickly so they make it to your table by late summer /early fall. Spring is a great time to vacation and beat the summer rush. It is a wonderful time to commune in nature with close friends.

Spring is an inspirational time and a time to drink in all the magic of nature.  It’s a great time to bring out your paints and canvases, ink and paper, clay and other art supplies. Find time to paint what’s outside in nature, you will find your creativity soaring of the charts. Music created in the spring will move the hearts of lovers so get out your instruments and if you don’t play then sing along. I find my intuition is especially strong in the spring and I sense mother earth wants all of us to notice her glory as young plants and animals are born and are being in the world for the very first time. Gaia reminds us that spring is a time to lighten your load, have a garage sale, pass unwanted items along to friends who will really appreciate your generosity. Spring is the season of new beginnings and a season that inspires lovers everywhere. It’s a great time to fly kites and build sandcastles. So get going, get out there and enjoy all the blessings that spring bestows on us.