Spiritual Gifts

Everyone is born into or eventually blessed with different amounts of supernatural, psychic gifts! There are some who are enhanced with the spirit of otherworldly guidance, messages, visions, and more! These hyper-sensitive folks have an awareness of others that comes to them as feelings, which most persons have integrally.

All loving beings have an awareness of self! Therefore, these magical gifts, talents, and skills are in everyone, for they are in their foundation, indicators of natural, emotional intelligence. These types of abilities may be available for all, but they are definitely more present in those persons who have experiential compassion and extra-sensory feelings for others!

For those who wish to grow their natural gifts, there are all kinds of ways. One can read positive books and/or begin a spiritual practice. Some of these practices include studying yoga (which is a lifestyle from the complete perspective), or going on spirit quests into nature. One can also immerse oneself in artistic, ethical disciplines or even go back to school with a different set of interests. Or one can go hiking into magical, mystical forests or go on trips to help others! Whatever path one takes to self develop, it will include simply moving forward through beautiful days and nights as a seeker!

Other factors involved in spiritual growth and developing one’s natural psychic and hyper-sensitive abilities. These include looking for and following synchronicity. These moments of comfort are made of natural magic that transforms conditions of present time into higher vibrational futures! One can also choose to develop ones natural sensitivities by asking for divine intervention and help, in order to act in harmony with the divine will! Many divine factors are in play with cultivating spiritual enlightenment and growth, like kismet, divine fate, and overlapping, natural, timeline relationships from the past and future. There are epiphanies, dreams, visions, synergy, prayer, meditation, Mother Nature, Guardian Spirits, Angels of Mercy, personal Angels, and more! There are also positive, unseen existences that influence us from other realms! In addition to these magical factors, there are a gazillion other supernatural ways that one can spiritually progress! These all help awaken us to our own divinity and natural, extra-sensory gifts!

Like all physical things that take practice to achieve goals, so does it take practice to strive for the goal of spiritual growth! It is honourable, in all senses of the word, to strive to be better and masterful of ones own natural healing gifts, talents, and skills! Protection, Positive Self-Image, Play, Prosperity, Production, Philanthropy and Peacefulness To Thee!