Spirit Guide – Birds

I live near the ocean, and a protected wildlife area. We are blessed with many types of birds, especially migrating birds along the coast. They come, they go, they feel like freedom, they symbolize a birds eye view, a look from outside your body. A perspective of an out of body experience, getting to look at yourself as others might. Wouldn’t it be great if we could look at ourselves from that perspective all the time?

I have always been one to feel I am being directed by these birds. I can feel the messages that they deliver to me. In my studying ancient Egypt, I found that they had a wonderful take on birds, when someone passed they believed the bird helped the spirit into the next realm. I have heard people say they carry messages from God or the Angels, I can understand this belief. I feel they speak to me. Not in a verbal manner but in symbolism. Here are some of the birds that I see and the messages I derive from them.

When I see a Blue Jay I feel that is a message to be direct. I see them as using their voice to get what they want. A Red Cardinal tells me to use my passion! A Chicken tells me there is fertility in the air. I live in town, but there are still some pet chickens around. A Crane is a good omen, something special is blowing in. Crow is one that is very special to me. I have a special connection with the crow. Pay attention Aleon! I feel they keep me on my toes. Dove, love, peace and harmony. Duck, I feel like a duck represents family and home. When I see Geese, I see travel or reaching your destination. I see a Hawk on my walks by the ocean quite often, he seems very aware but unafraid of the people along the route. This bird watches everything. He is telling me to watch for messages. I took photos of a Blue Heron the other day. He was so stately and beautiful.

When looking at one, you must reflect on balance, being at one with the environment. Hummingbirds are a message to use your motivation and movement. Pelicans are very special to me. I see them as pterodactyls. I see ancient history, mystery and lifting your heart. Pigeons to me represent flying home, checking in on family and friends. Robin, get up and get going, get your worm Aleon! The Seagulls and I spend many hours together – Curiosity, they remind us to keep curious, and learning. And the Swan, the beautiful dignified bird. Be sure to take care of yourself. Eat right, sleep and exercise! Do you have an animal that you feel guides you? I have a special connection to animals, I always have since I was a child. I’d love to hear your stories.