Be it friendship or romantic, some relationships seem to be more fated than others. They have a profound and intense feeling to them. These relationships feel like they were always there and will always be there.

Did you become close in a very short period of time?

Do you finish sentences for each other?

Are your conversations deep and meaningful?

Do you feel a psychic connection in body, mind, and spirit?

Can you tell what the other is thinking?

Are you attracted to the same places that you’ve never been to?

Do you have the same dreams?

Are you in each other’s dreams?

Do other people notice what a cute couple you are?

Do you both feel you are soulmates?

If you can say yes to most of these questions, you are definitely soulmates!Have you just met someone and wonder if they are truly your soulmate?

In order to determine if this relationship is written in the stars, ask yourself the following question: The first time the two of you met, did it feel like you already knew each other?

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