Snow Falling Stillness

This morning awoke feeling more relaxed than usual, I could feel a deep stillness inside that felt like endless spaciousness. When I opened the curtain to let the light in I had the surprise of the first big snowflakes drifting down outside. Ahhhhh this is why I feel so relaxed I thought. I walked to my office today into the silence of falling snow. During my walk, I realized how fresh snowfall changes the order of things.

Usually, I turn inward to seek stillness. I sit down on my meditation cushion or on my yoga mat. When it snows, I am drawn outside into the world, seeking a greater silence. Sometimes, in this great stillness, we can sense this invisible accompanying presence, this greater awareness.

At such moments, there can be a new possibility for us–a new spaciousness blooms inside us. For me in these moments of walking down the road, the entire world had the feeling of completely being at rest and in harmony. Experiencing this kind of serene silence, stillness, and peacefulness is when I remember that we all have the power to experience this kind of peace of mind and stillness, no matter what appears to be happening outside of us.