Simply Love

I want to talk to you about love, yes simply love.

It is very easy for people to say ” I love you” but it is very diccfult for others.

This is because “I love you” is rather about actions and not words. It might be important to say these words but what is more important is to act upon it and to show your partner that you really care. After all, what is the difference between liking a person and loving a person?

It is simple actually. For example, when you like a flower you would probably just pick it or maybe smell it but when you love a flower you will take care of it all the time, water it and make sure it grows in a healthy way.

So instead of using words, try to show you love your partner with actions try to make it simple and do not think of getting expensive gifts for example because you have missed the whole point. Expensive does not refer to love. A simple gestures will have much more meaning such as writing notes on stickers and putting them in different places.

Just be creative, be who you really are and show it. That is love after all.