There are signs, stop sign, yield, merge traffic; these are signs that we are well aware of, and yet, there are more subtle signs. We take walks in a busy city. We see the traffic, the sidewalk, the trees with their resilient leaves, and the river.

We wonder will this last forever, will there be resilience, and then we look to the side and see what looks like a fort of mud. We wonder why it caught our eye, and see a large tree felled with that peculiar, pencil tip marking that a beaver makes.

A fallen tree, a mud dam in the current of the river, and we know it wasn’t there a week ago. And the answer to resilience is yes, it is innate, it is built into the cycle of life, and we are part of that circle.

Often when I am typing I will notice words on the screen that I did not mean to type there. Was it a miss type, well sometimes the letters that appear are nowhere near the letters I was typing for the word. Often the words that are mistyped are the answer to some sort of puzzle, a problem in my life. This morning I was typing justice reversed, a tarot card position for something unfair, and then what came instead was justice remembers.

Nowhere near the keys that would be hit in justice remembers to write justice reversed. We talked and there were a lot of memories from another time that just came pouring out. Signs can be visual, or they can be written. They can be something you run into or, they can be something that runs into you.

Were you meant to get that job, then why didn’t your car start in the morning? Are you meant to have an engagement with your beautiful man when you run into him giving a ride to another woman? Things that hit you funny; are often real. You are thinking about taking a break, from a bad situation. As you stop for a train on one of the passing cars you see a name, Kingar, just an example but a familiar place to you. Spirits know so much about us, they know when you are upset, they know when you are vibrating and although they don’t physically come down and give you a shake instead, they send a sign and how do you know it is real; it means something to you.