Shamanic Viewpoint

Whispering all lightworkers…Calling all lightworkers, attuning all lightworkers-this is indeed a tumultuous, rapidly changing time. The compellingly beautiful world in which even inanimates objects are alive. When all objects in one’s world are alive, then one’s being in the world being in the world reflects this situation.

When I view the earth as a living being covered with a tapestry of living beings I step on her more lovingly and more closely. Viewing this world through the lenses of indigenous shamans, I treat my car as a living entity and take better care of her-I find I treat the world as a whole with a great deal of respect in both the macro and micro sense.

If you feel so inclined, I suggest that you adopt the values at the core of shamanism, and look at the world alive with consciousness, try it for a few months. In our culture there is an acceleration of evolution, a vibrant time to be alive, a dynamic, rapidly changing time to hold the space for others as they hold the space for you.   Together we invite Gaia, our lovely, majestic mother, to cradle us in her outstretched arms. See how she kisses all of us, sending each of us her bounty of water, earth and air. Next notice how magnificent father sun sends us his hot, radiant magic, keeping us warm and toasty and making possible the phenomena of day and night.

These life-sustaining forces make our lives possible. It is a miracle that a speck of dust revolving around a star is blessed with life and consciousness. There are other realms that typically remain unseen to most people but can be seen to those who open their third eye.  The shaman’s path is one that believes in the consciousness of the earth and of the sun. Most shamans are able to connect with unseen realms including the realms of light orbs, faeries, and spirits.

Open your heart to unseen positive entities. Notice you are surrounded and filled with healing light which protects you from any negative entities or destructive forces. If you would like to explore unseen realms learn to connect with your third eye and your crown.