Shamanic Journey

Now that you are familiar with the concept that the earth and sun are living beings nourishing the web of life, put it into practice in your life for the next three months. Becoming your own personal shaman may be a powerful, transformational experience. Creating rituals around your experiences with the sun and the earth is a natural place to begin.

Give thanks to mother earth and father sun. Visualize how sun and earth are front and center in your daily life. Notice any other energies around you. For example, this morning I hear flute music and see a white orb hovering around my toothbrush.

At exactly 11:11am I am bathing in the blue-greenness of our mother. On my shoulder is my most perceptive animal guide, a red-tailed hawk named star. Her message to me is to look at the big picture before working on the details of a project.  Look and listen-noticing your animal spirit guide in front of you.

What does she tell you about your path? She is your ally. What kind of animal is she? What do you personally associate with this being? Your associations are far more important than the definitions in any book regardless of the author. Does she bring a message? What do you say to her, how do you respond? Notice any other energies before you.

What are they telling you? How do they feel, sound or taste? What do they look like? What do they tell you about your personal path, your healing journey or your sacred calling?  I am grateful to have access to other dimensions. My desire is that you too will access your own sacred spaces, hidden from sight in the workaday world. My life is full of many blessings. I feel a warm, welcoming, watery energy and then I feel all the love and magic of other unseen places. Star gives me a bird’s eye view of uncharted territory or yet to be discovered realms. Know you are loved.  There are healing, benevolent beings, cherubs filled with playfulness and universal light inviting you to get to know them. better. This is your time of personal transformation and healing love.

You are surrounded and lifted up by angelic light beings that are inviting you to experience their sacred realms. Perhaps there is an angel sitting on each shoulder. This is a time of healing and a time of ice melting into the water so pure and divine. If I listen closely, I can hear the fairies whispering as they play their instruments-inviting us to breathe deeply and dance to the divine music resonating love.

They are opening up our hearts filling the heart space with healing light and universal love. This powerful journeying stokes mother earth and father sun. Allow yourself to feel this healing energy, touching and healing your very essence. Feel the connectedness, the joy of deepening friendships. Visit your guides and angels, knowing they are always there for you on your healing journey.