What is stress? Stress is a part of life. There are good and bad stresses. Sometimes we need stress to function correctly. When being stressed, powerful hormones race around the body preparing us for any attack that may happen. The problem comes when we are subjected to chronic stress. Minor situations may happen multiple times every day which can elicit a constant stress response. We may be at work or at home and before we know it, we are feeling stressed, sometimes without realizing it.

If we are chronically stressed we can be traumatized by just about anything that happens especially when it is unexpected. Some typical causes of stress include: Relationships- Good or bad can cause a lot of stress. Work- Changes such as companies downsizing, relocating, etc. Children and Family- Our children are ours forever when they do good or not. Medical problems including anxiety and depression, experiencing loss or grief, major life changes, relocating, divorce, illness. Modern Life- Everything happening too quickly and it’s hard to keep up with everything we’re expected to do. What can I do about stress? Always practice self-care.

Self Care Tips: Take time to be yourself, go for a walk without devices or distractions. Be creative, make things or have a hobby, gardening, knitting, etc. Take care of your well being- Have a massage, yoga, hair done. Moving- Dancing, riding a bike Make new friends- Join meetup and star a group in your area. Give your brain a rest- Stop thinking, and lengthen the time between thoughts. Meditate every day- Try a daily meditation for 10 minutes in the morning. Be real, authentic and true to yourself- Value yourself first and foremost. Really appreciate yourself and be grateful for what you have learned and what you have experienced to make you uniquely you!