Seal Spirit Animal

I have been helping a friend by photographing Harbor Seals on a small beach by my home.  While taking photos I notice the behaviours of the seals and have started to identify messages in them.  I can see the attributes a person who may identify with the beautiful seal as a spirit animal might have.

What intuitive animals they are, with pleasing personalities and they look like they always have a smile on their face.   I see the seals as flow, movement and dance.   As I watch them I see cooperation, adaptation and lots of playfulness.  Reminding us to keep those qualities in our life.  If you identify with this animal you are using your intuition to the best of your ability,  you are full of creative energy and you are willing to listen to your inner voice.  The seal will also remind us to have fun, be playful and find the inner child within ourselves.

Watch that you don’t react too quickly, remember to keep your temper in check and most of all nurture yourself.  The seal will urge us to have faith in ourself, give a hand to your neighbour and use your intelligence to figure your situation out.  With a seal as your spirit animal, you have a free spirit and one who is responsible with their voice and yet strong enough to use it.  Pay attention to your gut, your instincts are good, let your spirit animal guide you.