Relationship Advice

My clients would often complain to me when they are dating someone new and I suggest to them, that according to the tools I am using this is not a perfect match and maybe not to get their expectations too high about it. some of them repeatedly dating different potentials and it seems that indeed, like some critical mother I keep asking them to have patience , not to put all their eggs in that or that basket , to inquire if he or she are really single and interested as it seem, they are not.

So I chose to write this today about how to detect the better match or better yet why to avoid less than that.
Make a wish list, fill it as you would fill the Dating Site application, and list in it all the yes and no’s you wish in a partner. This helps narrow the search and be more clear as for your wishes so you won’t compromise on less. Need not to mention that making up a wish list as such helps manifest options into your life. Take a short look at your potentials whether already around you or not yet arrived, with the help of your psychic. Most good psychics can tell you what are your future options and what is your compatibility with an existing one. The latter is great to help to know whether you should keep waiting forever for the relationship to start taking some shape and progress or if you are wasting your time. Is it a good time to quit it all together and move on?  This part of the reading can often be a bit frustrating because if our method of choosing a matching partner is lack of self-love and consideration of our true needs, then there is a chance we repeat dating the wrong partners and suffer disappointments. 

Once you are already in the relationship a short numerology analysis of the birthdates can give you pretty good insight on understanding each other better which is, in most cases the key to great success or great failure. Many of us assume we can read into potential partners easily forgetting the chance that our wishful thinking can paint them too sweet or too bitter and so objective numerology or astrology chart can help greatly in clearing that.

And then finally if you wish to get married or even having a child together, a psychic can help you find better timing with the best chances to add bliss into the relationship and support their existence. This is how a psychic can help you find your best match and keep them around for longer than few dates.